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Are you looking to build a new race track or even upgrade your existing facility?  

If so you will need to hire a good track designer.


The design of the track and surrounding paddock facilities is a serious task and not to be taken lightly.  It is a job that should be only performed by the most experienced and knowledgeable designer available.   A track designer needs to be well rounded in the sport of racing to be able to address the needs of the racing community.  


A good track designer is more than just an Architect or Civil Engineer.  In fact these titles, alone, don't necessarily qualify someone to design a race track, especially if the engineer has no experience in the racing field.   Would you fly in an airplane designed by a mechanical engineer who has never seen an airplane?  The same holds true for race tracks, as far as I know, there are no "race track design 101" courses in any engineering college.  These engineering skills are essential for the construction of a good track but, not the only skills needed.  It' is not necessary for the designer to be an architect or civil engineer.  A good track designer must understand these engineering principles to be able to work closely with the local engineers during the design process.


To be a good race track designer one must have, 

    • A good grasp of all racing needs
    • A dedication to racing safety
    • A good understanding of the laws of motion and physics
    • Knowledge of how racers think and what they want
    • The ability to work closely with local civil engineers and Architects to make sure the design will meet all local building codes
    • Posses good drafting skills

 Ed Bargy Race Track Design LLC meets all of these requirements




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