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The Real “How to" Book 


"Introduction to Motorcycle Roadracing" is a book compiled and written by Ed Bargy during nearly five decades of"Click Here" to order this book on-line involvement with motorcycle roadracing. The book contains concise, detailed and easy to understand information.


"Introduction to Motorcycle Roadracing" is the text book in the Ed Bargy Racing School. Many graduates say they refer back to the book many times during their racing career.


"Introduction to Motorcycle Roadracing" is written in plain English with no hype or Jargon. The art of motorcycle roadracing is broken down into simple easy to understand techniques that work.


"Introduction to Motorcycle Roadracing" contains an abundance of diagrams and drawings to visually display the concepts described in the text.


"Introduction to Motorcycle Roadracing" has over 25 chapters:
Theory, Race Track Procedures, Flags, 5 Minute Boards, Three Maxims, Walking the Track, Visual References, Basic Race Lines, Advanced Race Lines, Gearing & Shifting, Crash Avoidance, Theory of Steering, Push/pull Steering, Target Fixation, Throttle Control, Basic Braking Techniques, Advanced Braking Techniques, Entry speed, Braking standup, Passing, Knee Dragging & Hanging Off, Drafting, to the Limit, Level of Terror, Front End Push, Machine Preparation and Injury Reduction.


"Introduction to Motorcycle Roadracing" is not just for the racer. The street rider can also benefit. The dynamics of the modern motorcycles are explained. With a better knowledge of the abilities of the motorcycle, the street rider will be more, informed, confident and an overall better rider.


"Introduction to Motorcycle Roadracing" is a great Christmas or birthday gift for the racer or  street rider who has everything.


"Introduction to Motorcycle Roadracing" will make an excellent text book for any racing school. Schools should call for wholesale prices


"It's not rocket science"

 Ed Bargy

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Ed's second “How to" book


"The Complete Anthology of Motorcycle Road Racing Lines" is the first of its kind.  It was written by a motorcyclist for motorcyclists.  With today's large influx of motorcycle track days around the country, there was a need for good information about motorcycle racing and or track day lines. 


"The Complete Anthology of Motorcycle Road Racing Lines" is the only book currently being published that is dedicated to the complete study of motorcycle race track lines. 


"The Complete Anthology of Motorcycle Road Racing Lines" is a collection of all the different types of lines for all the different types of turns commonly found on road courses today.   Each type of turn will have numerous types of lines for it.  Each of the optional lines for each type of turn will have its own advantages and trade-offs.  Even the size of the motorcycle will have an effect on which line is a better choice for a specific turn.   Most of these variables are explored in this book.  With knowledge of all the different line variations, the rider can easily determine which line is best for which corner. 


"Knowledge Is Power"

Ed Bargy


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"BreakingThe Myths" is a debunking of the most common myths and misunderstandingsaboutmotorcycle operation. Some of the myths covered are the function of bodyposition/posture, gyroscopic forces, footpeg weighting just to name a few. 
Motorcycles must always obey the known laws of physics no matter how logical an incorrect theory sounds. There is an ample use of diagrams to easily visualize the dynamics being discussed.  
Another common problem is the use of incorrect terms and analogies which have no bearing on the dynamic being discussed. Some of these misused terms and analogies are covered.





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Big News


Ed has joined the 21st century with his first E-book available throught Amazon kindle


Ed's third book is just for the fun of it.


"So... There I Was..."  subtitled "hey y'all this" is a collection of humorous or at least interesting motorcycle roadracing short stories by Ed Bargy. Someof the stories are directly from Ed's personal experience and some Ed is passing on from other long retired racers.  These stories encompass events that happened during racing, travel to and from the track and spectator shenanigans.  Some of these stories are absolutely gospel and really happened (really!).   It may even give you a little insight to some of the history of road racing in the US.


 "So... There I Was..." is  now available through Amazon Kindle.  A great gift idea for the racer  who has everything.




"The Real Hanger"


"The Real Hanger" is the first hanger designed to be strong enough for a full set of motorcycle racing leathers and yourThe Real Hanger helmet.  It has enough strength in reserve to hold a fully rain soaked racing suit.  It is made in the USA of solid one piece wood with a strong metal hook, no plastic anywhere.   


“The Real Hanger” has been tested to over 150lbs hanging weight.  It was originally designed by Ed Bargy in1990 to hold up all of his rental leathers in the trailer.  Because the bouncing around of the trailer on the bumpy roads of today, hangers are subjected to a tremendous amount of force during transit. All of the available hangers, on the market at that time, would either break or just bend  and let the leathers end up on the floor.  Even the plastic hangers that are marketed for leathers will tend to snap under the weight of a racing suit when the weather turns



"The Real Hanger” Has been designed with the heaviest duty steel hook of any hanger on the market today.  The solid wood base has a durable, high gloss, double hand dipped  polyurethane finish.


"The Real Hanger”  Will eliminate finding your leathers in a heap onthe dirty and/or wet floor of your trailer, becauseHOLDS YOUR HELMET TOO !! that plastic hanger broke during transit.  Even the wooden hangers for a man's business suit, are made from several pieces of wood GLUED together and are just not strong enough for your expensive and heavy racing suit.


Hanging your leathers up, so they can air out and dry, is better than just wadding them up in an athletic bag.


"The Real Hanger" is designed to support the leathers under the shoulder pads to spread the weight.  This eliminates stretching of the collar/neck of the suit.


"The Real Hanger” just  makes sense, and it is cheap!

    "You break it, I'll replace it."  Guaranteed



    "The Real Hanger" holding up it's end since 1990.

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1/4 Turn  Fastener kit


Make your aftermarket fairing a pleasure to remove and reinstall with these quick release fasteners.   These are the screw slot type.  Cleaner aerodynamics than the exposed "D" ring type.  The pre-printed self adhesive drilling templates will make lining up the drilled holes a snap.  

This kit contains;

  • (6) Flush mount 1/4 turn Dzus fasteners studs

  • (6) Steel spring plates

  • (12) Pop rivets

  • (6) Adhesive drilling templates


$16.50 shipping included

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